Animal AX Shorty Woman 3/2 mm Gr. 38 und 42

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Animal AX Neoprenshorty Damen 3/2 mm

The Animal Summer AX line of wetsuits introduces new standards of comfort, durability and performance into the entry level wetsuit marketplace. Whilst still including many of the high-end features of wetsuits further up the line, the AX delivers the price savvy customer everything they will ever need in an extremely good looking, well constructed affordable package.

The AX Shortie is constructed using the A-Flex Pro, the highest performance dynamic stretch limestone based neoprene available. Flatlock breathable stitching throughout will keep you at just the right temperature in UK and Southern European waters during the summer months. Other key features include the Seal Skin neck which has a Glide-Skin lining which seals the neck and will not cause a rash. Power Paddle Zones under the arms feature ergonomic seams and stretch fabric designed to limit resistance and maximise paddle performance. Contour Control Seams use body mapping technology which ensures the most ergonomically shaped wetsuit.

Seal Skin Neck = Stops water entering the suit at the neck and is smooth next to the skin
Power Paddle Zones = Stretchy and comfortable for paddling
Contour Control Seams = Ergonomically fits all the curves of the body

Hinweis: Größe 42/XL ist laut Herstellerangaben Größe \"16/L\"

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