Aeron MCT 29 T8 Monocoque Boom 2016 175-225

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dickere 29er Holme, extrem steif und stabil

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Aeron MCT 29 T8 Monocoque

Aeron introduces possibly the stiffest alloy boom on the market. With specialized alloy tempering process, we have arrived at the optimal strength - stiffness ratio and still getting a reduced diameter of just 32mm including the EVA grip.
Implementing the tapering technology with the newest ergonomic bends , the result is enhanced rig control and feel that has to be experienced to be believed. The stiffness of these Aeron booms is incredible and sets a new standard for alloy booms.

Added diameter grip for hardcore use!

Dual mast diameter clamp - fits SDM and RDM masts!
Loop, loop, go! rear outhaul cleat - so simple!
29mm grip for hardcore strength

Aeron Continuous T8 Alloy Tapered Multi-Fit Booms

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