SHAPERS Fins AM1 Corelite Future Thruster Finset M

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The SHAPERS Fins AM1 Corelite Future Thruster Finset M are ideal for surfers in the 65kg to 80kg weight range.

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SHAPERS Fins AM1 Corelite Future Thruster Finset M

The AM1 is a collaboration between world renowned Surfboard Shaper Al Merrick (Channel Island Surfboards) and the specialist fin company, Shapers Fins. The AM1 is designed for fast, high performance surfing through a unique blend of speed, drive and release. The raked template and wide fin base effectively delivers drive and control, whilst the fins refined tip and smaller centre fin reduce drag and allow for quick fin release when desired. The AM1 is ideal for small to medium surfers between 65-80kgs.

Side Fins
    Base:  4.55"  (116mm)
    Depth: 4.52"   (115mm)
    Sweep: 36.6 Degrees
    Foil: Flat

Rear Fins
    Base:  4.34"  (110mm)
    Depth: 4.41  (112mm)
    Sweep: 35 Degrees
    Foil: 50/50

The Core-Lite Series construction, combines highly accurate Resin Transfer Moulding Technology with a Dual Super Light Hex Foam Core. The result is ultra light weight, pure performance fins that surf?s like traditional fibreglass fins but with the benefit of a lively progressive flex pattern, a kinetic flex memory and 25% lighter then traditional fibreglass fin. The Dual Foam Core Cell structure uses a smaller Hex Core Foal Cell foam in the base of the fin to create optimal drive and acceleration, while the large Hex Foam Core Cells creates a superior flex memory, this unique flex pattern provides additional projection, speed and control.

Compatible with Future Fin System
FIN COLOUR: Neon Green Web Inlay
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