Softech Rocket Launch 4'6" Hybrid-Bodyboard - Blue

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Das "Hybrid"-Bodyboard!

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Hydro Softech Rocket Launch 4'6" Hybrid-Bodyboard

Völlig neue Produktidee - ausprobieren! Auch als erstes Surfboard für kleinere Kinder eine gute Option!

Im Liegen, drop knee und stehend fahrbar.
Dank der breiten Nose ist die 1. Welle Deine! Die Thruster Finnen sorgen für gut kontrolliertes Fahrverhalten.
Handlich: paßt unter jeden Arm und in jeden Kofferraum!

Lots of area up front for easy paddling, tapered outline in the back for added manoeuvrability.
Tri fin set up provides plenty of control through turns.
From the elite surfer through to the light-weight grom starting out, the Rocket Launch will keep you in the water for hours with its down-the-line speed and super tight turning response.

Screw in your favourite FCS fins for additional drive and response.

SHAPE: Funboard:
CORE: Heat Laminated 100% Waterproof EPS Core
STRINGERS: 5 x Tubulular System
FINS: Comes with 3 x FCS Fins.
Fully interchangeable & Removable FCS Fin System with Plug for attaching leash.
Fin Setup: Grey F22 Tri fin
FCS Fins (x3): made of soft flexible plastic, these fins are a safe option for kids and learner board riders. This board uses the FCS Fin System, so fins are easily removed and more experienced surfers can insert their favourite FCS Fins.

Designed for the groms or those who want something completely different the Softech Rocket in 52 & 56'  comes with 3 tubular stringers for extra strength & Twin Fin systems ( Includes Fins)

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