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Aeron OS Race T8 Monocoque 2019 230-260

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Aeron OS Slalom T8 Monocoque 2019 Race 230-260

Large sails suffer if rigged on a poor quality boom that flexes under load. The OS-Race is specially designed to bring maximum stiffness to rigs between around 8.5-9.5m thanks to the forged tail and the large diameter of the rearmost part of the arms.

A wide 56cm profile accommodates the fullness of Raceboard and light wind sails, while the triple-roller tail brings compatibility with adjustable outhaul systems. A short (30cm) adjustment range reduces potential flexing with more of the tail permanently within the arms.

The OS-Race has seen regular use in the Tushingham demo fleet on the 9.5 XR and 9.4 Lightning sails, remaining in great condition, even after the stress and strain of two years of abuse!

Länge:   230-260 cm
Verstellbereich: 50 cm
Material:  Aluminium T8 Monocoque
Holmdurchmesser: 29 mm (im Bereich des Endstücks 32 mm)
Endstück : Monocoque Aluminium
Verstellsystem: Pin Lock System
Gewicht:  4,2 kg
Einsatzbereich:  Freeride, Freemove

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