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SUP Norden Surfboards Playboard 8'6" Bamboo Carbon

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The new Playboard is our latest addition to the SUP range to answer the needs of the committed Stand Up Surfer. Its flat rocker allows you to enter the wave quickly and easily, while thinned out rails give you the freedom to carve it like a regular surfboard. The board?s characteristic wing design-feature, combined with a thumb tail, give this shape a never seen top turn performance. While the 8'6 is suitable for riders up to 80 kg and some SUP-Surf experience on their backs, the 8'11 works well for people up to 90 kg that want to get one step further in Stand Up surfing. The Playboard is suitable for waves up to 3 m, but not recommended for flat-water paddling. CONSTRUCTION : Bamboo Carbon Construction Compared to the wood sandwich design, our bamboo carbon lay-up is the most refined board construction technology. By using a carbon frame along the rails, the board does not require any stringer at all for form stability. The result is a board of much livelier flex in the water. Additionally, full sheets of bamboo veneer on the top and bottom also allows us to use less fiberglass, thereby reducing weight significantly. In combination, these design features open up a whole new spectrum of more radical performance possibilities in the arena of SUP surfing. Besides these technical advantages inherent in this advanced construction method, these boards are unbelievably beautiful.

8'6" x 28 13/16 x 4 5/16 [115 L]

Bamboo Carbon construction, EVA deck, Center Fin, FCS Side

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