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Norden SUP Board 10'8" Big Diamond

Artikelnummer: wo18711

in stabiler Wood-Sandwich Bauweise

Kategorie: Hardboards

1.379,00 €

inkl. 19% USt. , zzgl. Versand (Windsurfboard)


Big Diamond 10'8" blue-pistachio Wood Sandwich For anyone looking for a shape with maximum stability and that little bit of extra volume, the all-new Big Diamond is the SUP to go for. With a width of 31 ½ inches, it is unbelievably stable. However, thinned out rails will still let it carve like a surfboard, and a rolled bottom with a slight V-design in the tail let it turn with ease, even in smaller, slower surf. An additional V-bottom feature in the nose, as well as a flatter rocker line, also allows it to be paddled very comfortably in flat water. Ride it with 3 fins for more stability or simply as a classic single longboard, one thing is for sure, the Big Diamond is one of the most fun SUP boards we ever developed.

Size: 10'8" x 31 x 1/2 [175 L]

Features: Wood Sandwich construction, EVA deck, Center Fin, FCS Side Fins

Artikelgewicht: 15,00 Kg

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