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NSP Surfboard Protech Longboard 8'6" White

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The Protech Longboard is part of the refreshed NSP Longboard range: A perfect addition to any surfers quiver and an exceptional shape for the recreational surfer looking to fast-track those riding skills. It?s a proven classic!

- The best selling longboard range in the world in an all-new technology.

- The best in versatile longboard performance, using technically advanced construction at extremely attractive retail prices.

- Great longboard. It?s a proven classic for swooping bottom turns, high trim lines and drop knee cutbacks.

- New sharper rails in the tail, modern performance rocker combined with mellow V bottom blended with a subtle double concave.

- Continuous refinements made the NSP Longboard easy to trim on the wave and dynamic when riding off the tail

Länge: 8'6" 
Breite: 22 1/4" 
Dicke: 2 7/8'' 
Volumen: 64.4 Liter 
Gewicht: 4.95kg

Material: Epoxy
Shape: Long
Surfboard Größe: 8'6"

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