Lib Tech Lost Puddle Fish 5'10" Surfboard

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The Lib Tech Lost Puddle Fish 5'10" Surfboard is a fast-fishy Small Wave Speed Machine

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Lib Tech Lost Puddle Fish 5'10" Surfboard

Designed for unadulterated lateral speed in small surf, the PuddleFish is an extreme little speed machine. A fast fishy spin on the very popular Puddle Jumper. Distinctly shaped with an inverted swallow, set inside a wide square tail, and a speed bleeding, afterburner, release channel exiting the tail.

"The PuddleFish allows full force, small wave, rail surfing with confidence and none of the cumbersome drift usually associated with 'alternative' fish shapes." - Matt Biolos

Board Specs
Lenght - 5'10"
Width - 21'75"
Thickness - 2.63*
Volume - 38.00 cl

MBC - Magnesium Basalt Carbon Construction
The new Lib Tech MBC construction perfectly blends the best characteristics of epoxy: durability and liveliness with the best performance characteristics of polyester: flex and dampness. The addition of magnesium fiber improves our overall impact resistance, and the carbon composite stringer exactly matches the flex of a new high performance polyester and holds it for the life of the board. The world's best surfboard construction just got even better!

NEW! FOC II Fin Box System
- Two Tab compatible with 1/2" fin adjustability for precise tuning of your boards surf characteristics.
- Stronger and lighter box

Magnesium Fiber - Tough & Resilient!
- High impact and break strength fiber
- Great rebound/memory

Woven Basalt Fiber - Smooth & Strong!
- Pure additive-free mineral fiber
- Inherent dampening properties
- Break and impact resistant, resists heel dents

Carbon Power Spine Composite Stringer - Dynamic energy & long lasting flex!
- Tension spread to carbon fiber
- Rebound energy return
- Perfect flex tuning

Nitrogenecell Foam - Strong, Light, Waterproof!
- Environmentally friendly nitrogen blowing agent
- Elliptical engineered cells act like a column providing stiffness from top to bottom and ?nerf-like? elasticity in side impact.
- Recycled: 25-40% recycled content, 100% of off cuts recycled

Hexzylon Fiber Foam Skin - Strong & Smooth!
- Smooth riding vibration absorption layer
- Impact and ding resistant

Sprock Blocks - Crush Resistant!
- Strong
- Long lasting performance
- Pop

*Fins NOT Included - also fits with FCS II fins
*LOST logos come in different colorways based on size.

Nate Yeomans Talks Lib X Lost Puddle Fish from Lib Tech on Vimeo.

Shape: Fish
Material: Epoxy
Surfboard Größe: 5'5" - 5'10"

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