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Hydro Bodyboard

Hydro Bodyboard bieten jedem Bodyboarder eine umfangreiche Auswahl an Modellen. Hydro kann jedem, vom Einsteiger bis zum Profi, ein auf dessen Wünsche zugeschnittenes Bodyboard bieten.

Hydro Z-Board Bodyboard

Hydro’s high quality, budget bodyboard. Offers a durable board with features and performance found in other more expensive boards. EPS Core which is 100% waterproof.


  • Kern: EPS
  • Deck: IXL PE
  • Kanten: IXL PE
  • Slickbottom: HDPE, mit Channeln
  • Crescent Tail: ermöglicht immer optimale und stabile Position auf dem Board

Hydro E-Board Bodyboard

Featuring a performance template, PE core and channels this is a great board for a ridiculously cheap price. You’ll definitely look the part and for the intermediate rider a PE core with the durability of a single stringer in smaller models (36er, 38er & 40er models) and a double stringer for the big boys (42er & 44er sizes) is an amazing advantage.


  • Kern: PE, gestringert
  • Deck: IXL PE 4 mm
  • Kanten: IXL PE 4 mm
  • Slickbottom: HDPE/Metallic, mit Channeln!
  • Crescent Tail: ermöglicht immer optimale und stabile Position auf dem Board
  • Hydro C-Core Stringer Bodyboard

    The C-board features strong thick EPS core with single stringer. Super bouyant and strong. The perfect first board or small wave groveller.Bat tail for extra flotation and maneuverability.


    • Kern: mehrlagiger C-Kern
    • Deck: IXL PE 4MM
    • Kanten: IXL PE
    • Slickbottom: HDPE, mit Channeln!
    • Bat Tail: verleiht dem Board höhere Flexibilität bei Tricks einfach gestringert

    Hydro PP Limited

    Groundbreaking value for money is the focus of this all new board from Hydro. Featuring all the top of the line features you’d expect from a board twice its price, the Limited features PP, Surlyn, Stringer and Finger grips! Exceptionally fast and manoeuvrable due to its high performance template and durable thanks to its quality construction and materials. This board is simply a must have for the value conscious rider who demands the best!


    • Core: Extruded Polypro (This core material is designed for speed and projection. Its durability is unrivalled by any other core. Lightweight and rigid, this core will perform exceptionally well in warmer waters where other cores become slow and unresponsive)
    • Deck: 8lb PE decking (A super comfortable decking material that is designed to allow your body to lock with your board. Also very durable.)
    • Slick: Surlyn Channelled Slick (Is your only choice for slick if you demand the greatest amount of response and durability. This high performance slick is the finest grade surlyn made only by dupont, featuring elastic-like qualities and superior projection)
    • Channels: Graduated Channels (Ensure that the rider gets enough hold on the waves without being locked into undesirable situations.)
    • Tail: Clipped Crescent Tail (Provides superior control and hold on the wave face while also allowing for ease of rail to rail transitions and release from carves and spins.)
    • Additional Features: Nose Bulbs (Small bulbs on the underside of the nose of the board that enhance grip and control), Nose and Tail Bumpers (An additional layer of padding on the nose and tail of the board that promotes longevity and durability).

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