Hyperlite Wakeboard

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Hyperlite Wakeboards  überzeugt durch ständig neue Innovationen und das seit 1991! Egal für welchen Fahrer oder Fahrstil, Hyperlite hat für jeden das passende Board.

Hyperlite Wishbone 2016

Future of cable shapes; The Wishbone– Featuring Air Stick Core Technology Hyperlite tasked Aaron Stumpf to create the next generation cable specific deck after he hit a home run with the original Union. Working with our cable team Aaron created the Wishbone, featuring an industry exclusive, The Air Stick Wood Core. Air Stick is a 100% bamboo wood core and is very durable. Strategic slots have been cut lengthwise throughout the core reducing weight while delivering a unique feel on features and super light feel in the air. The Power Press rocker line makes pressing a cinch and the Flat Nose Profile which allows you to lock in and feel features like no shape ever has. Slap an ABS Sidewall around the Wishbone and our Sintered Enduro Base and boom you have Hyperlite’s most anticipated cable collective board to date!


Hyperlite Union 2016

Das Beste noch besser gemacht – In 2016 wurde das Shape vom Hyperlite Union nochmal komplett überarbeitet und verfeinert, mit einem Crossover-Flex Kern. Durch den Power-Press-Rocker sind nun Nose- und Trailpress kein Thema mehr. Mit dem neuen concave Shape vom Tip / Tail, lässt Du kein Rail mehr weg. Dank der bekannten ABS Kanten von Hyperlite, ist dieses Board fast unzerstörbar!


Hyperlite PBJ 2016

Flexy and forgiving ride, the perfect serving for your cable adventure. A Cable Collective original, The PBJ offers a fresh shape constructed with Hyperlite’s E-Core technology delivering a durable park board for all ability levels. E-Core technology is a fully machined wood core fully wrapped with ABS sidewalls for impact protection and superior durability. The fully sintered enduro base provides a solid feel on features and the layered glass layup makes pressing an effortless endeavor. The BPJ is the thinnest board in the Cable Collective line greatly reducing swing weight for spinning making that 270 on to Back Lip a staple on your favorite features. Continuous Rocker creates a smooth riding deck and the diamond tip and tail shape gives you deeper ollie power on approach to any feature.


Hyperlite Milkcart 2016

In 2016 wurde Nick Davies Signature Model „Milkcart“ neu konziepeirt.
Seine Vision war es ein Board zu entwickeln, das jede Situation am Cable Tag für Tag standhält. Ultra weichen Flex auf Rails und Sliders, gleichzeitig aber eine Waffe auf der Kante ist. Dank der Cap Sidewalls, ist das Wakeboard extrem widerstandfähig macht. Ein klares MUSS für die auf unendliche Inverts stehen, aber trotzdem ein Flexboard zum Jibben haben wollen.


Hyperlite Process Boot 2016

2-Part Construction
Fully Lasted Fit
Second Color Lace Set
Removable Power Strap
Flow Through Drain Panels and Outsole
Taller More Supportive Cuff with Good Flexion
EVA Heel Impact Inserts
2 to 1 Lacing Zone
Traditional Lacing System


Hyperlite AJ Boot 2016

Mid Range Flexion and Support
2-Part Construction
Fully Lasted Fit
Second Color Lace Set
Flow Through Drain Panels and Outsole
EVA Heel Impact Inserts
Traditional Lacing System
Integrated Heel Hold System


Hyperlite System Low Back 2016

Lighter, Stronger and Better.
Lighter than previous generations, while providing superior board control and support while attacking the wake or cable.

The LowBack allows for maximum range of motion, making it the perfect choice for riders looking for extra mobility and flex. This new one-piece construction is extremely durable while allowing for natural board flex. This is accomplished by the integrated flex zones in the rear of the binding ankle support.


Hyperlite System Pro 2016

The System Pro has been perfected over the past 5 seasons, taking an already revolutionary product and making it even better. This updated binding design centers around three new features. Beginning with our exclusive G6 Polycarbonate chassis that is lighter than previous generations, while still providing superior board control and support. The improved chassis interfaces with our exclusive Urethane Highback for maximum mobility and response. New Auto Centering Stability Plates allow a rider to set their bindings up for the correct size boots in minutes. The plates are removable and can be replaced, ensuring a solid connection even after seasons of wear and tear. Exclusive to the System Pro Binding is a removable EVA Footpad that provides additional impact protection and a mellower feel under foot. This new System is the ultimate in high performance wake footwear for boat and cable riders alike. *Remember the System binding is designed to work exclusively with our System Boot line. Both components are needed for use.